Welcome to Dance Images Studio

Dance Images is located at 710B 3rd Street in Brandon, Manitoba. For over 20 years children as young as
two to adult have been benefitting from the skills and experiences dance provides them. Our studio offers
classes in various dance forms including Pre-school classes, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Highland, Hip Hop,
Musical Theatre and much, much more...

We have a reputation as a warm, friendly, family orientated dance studio. With affordable rates and our
smaller class sizes are conducive to learning and development. Students benefit from personal and individual
attention given by our caring and accredited professionals. Whether you’ve never danced before, danced for
years, are ready to compete or ready to have fun, we have the right program for you.

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What age do you have to be to take classes?
For our regular program we take dancers from age 3 thru adult from beginner to advanced. We also
offer 2 special programs for younger kids, Mommy & Me Dance for ages 18 month - 30 month and
Teddies for the 30 month - 3 ˝ yrs age range.

Do you have classes for boys?
DEFINITELY! We love to have boys in the studio. We have boys in our regular classes and we also
offer boys only classes whenever possible.

How often are the classes? What is the length of the class?
Classes are once per week and they run anywhere from 30 min to 1 ˝ hours depending on the age
of the dancers, the style of dance and the level of ability.

How long is the season?
Classes generally start in September and finish at the end of May with our annual recital. Most of our
students stay for the entire season, however we do occasionally get some who either start late or finish
early. We do our best to accommodate those also. The exception to this is our Mommy & Me, Teddies,
Zumba and Capoeira classes which are run in shorter sessions.

What styles are offered?
We offer classes in Tap, Jazz, Lyrical Jazz, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Pre-Ballet Ballet, Pointe,
Modern, Character, Demi-character, AcroDance, Highland, Musical Theatre, Capoeira, Flamenco,
Baton, Drama & Zumba. Our Storybook, First Steps and Little Stars programs consist of several styles
within the same class.

What do I need for class?
We have a Dress Code which lists the requirements for each class. Generally you will need a leotard
(bodysuit) and tights plus the appropriate shoes for your class. For some classes comfortable clothing
is acceptable.

Where can I get my shoes & clothing?
We recommend Pirouette at 1003 13th St. They generally have everything you need in one stop, their
prices are competitive and the quality is excellent. They also have a selection of second hand shoes

What is your most popular class for children?
Our most popular classes for young children are our combination classes. They give children a
chance to experience different styles of dance and get a better feel for which styles they like. Our
Storybook ballet and dance class introduces children to basic tap, creative movement and basic ballet.
When they get a little older (First Steps) we add jazz to the class. Once they get to the Little Stars level
classes are gradually lengthened to ease the transition into individual discipline classes.

How about class sizes?
At Dance Images we believe that every dancer should receive individual attention. This is difficult to
do in very large classes. We keep our class sizes on the smaller side to ensure that every student
receives the attention that they deserve. We also ensure that there are adequate assistants on the

How much do classes cost?
The cost of classes depends on the length of the class and how many classes you take. Fees range
from $35 - $60 monthly for an individual class depending on the length of the class. The more classes
you take the more it costs, however you also save more with our multi-class discounts. We also have
family discount for families with more than one dancer.

What kind of payment plans do you offer?
We have 3 payment schedules to choose from. You may choose to pay for your classes annually
(the entire season in one payment), by term (3 payments Sept, Jan & Mar) or monthly (9 monthly
payments). We take payment in the form of post-dated cheque (preferred method), cash, Visa, MC or

What is your "registration fee"?
We do not have a "registration fee" on top of our regular lesson costs nor is there one built in to our

Are there any "hidden" costs?
No hidden costs, we are very upfront about what things cost and when things come up along the way
we let everyone know ahead of time. Some things to expect are: There is a one-time socan fee of
$2.74 per dancer that will be collected with the first payment. Also, there is a mandatory costume fee
of $25 per class for most groups that will be collected early in the season and used toward the
purchase of costumes or material for costumes. Once materials have been purchased or costumes
have been ordered this fee becomes non-refundable. If material totals are less than the fee paid you
will be credited the balance, if they are more you will be billed the difference. If you choose to use a
seamstress there will be an additional charge from the seamstress. There is an entry fee per person in
a group for the Brandon Festival of the Arts which is not included in your class fees. In the past this
fee has been $3.00 per person, however we know they are making changes to their fees this year and
do not yet know how that will affect dance.

What other additional costs are involved?
If you choose to participate in dance exams there is a registration fee and a fee for extra rehearsal
time. If you choose to enter a solo, duet or trio in the festival there are entry fees and choreography
fees. These are both optional activities. Intermediate and senior level students may also have additional
entry fees to the provincial dance festival or other competitions as discussed in class.

I love to be useful. Do you ever need volunteers or odd jobs done?
We always need volunteers. Both the studio and our non-profit parent organization (D.I. Productions)
look for people to help with various tasks throughout the year.

Frequently Asked Questions
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